“To declare Halloween on the very same day when people are worshiping their ancestors is actually a great insult …”


Through human history, starting with the ancient Vedas (about 7,000 BC), Buddhism (about 600 BC), and all the way to original Christianity (1 BC) there is belief in life after the body death, that is, The Eternal life.

Throughout human history, many women who did not want to sleep with some mighty people of that time or did not agree to be anyone’s servant, because they had their own opinion and were able to reasonably discern what is true and what is false, what is honorable and what is not, were most often pronounced witches, and were heavily tortured and killed (for many other reasons it also happened to men).

To this day, we Christians are called infidels by certain individuals and we know that it is far from truth, that is labeling so we would be condemned beforehand, without a fair trial, without first examining what real and true Christianity is teaching (Gospel).

Similar to the so-called witches, in order to prejudge women who had their honor, who did not agree to be anyone’s slaves, they were proclaimed witches, but in reality the truth is completely contrary to it.

Individuals claim that the Halloween was created by the pagans, but the fact is, that the pagan in translation means a farmer (Latin pagan = farmer). Being a farmer is nothing mean or wrong, so this claim is completely wrong or malicious.

The meaning and source of Halloween is pure human incomprehension, human interest (profit) and human spite.

Not taking part in these human hoaxes and stupefying is actually a power of victory.

To make the lie lose power and stop it from benefiting - profiting, the advice is: Stop being deceived by lies, that is being sponsors of these lies.

Evil profiteers can’t survive selling fog if today's Christians stop shopping, being the “customers” of lies, because they are mockery to them, and to the whole human race.

The Halloween night is actually a mockery for all people who believe in life after their bodily death, as well as those who respect the memory of their ancestors, who believe that their ancestors still live today but in another spiritual form, who believe there is a spiritual world, that is, eternal life.

To declare Halloween on the very same day when people are worshiping their ancestors is actually a great insult (for our ancestors, because they are indirectly referred to as witches).

How serious is someone experiencing Halloween, can be seen by that, that the same man is going to light candles to his deceased ones, while at the same time placing a pumpkin at home or going out dressed as a witch?!

The fact is that the spiritual world is as real as it looks unreal, similar to the cell phone signal, no one sees it, but its action is real. It is the same with the spiritual world.

Take a little poison and put it in blood, one can see it as a harmless act, similar to the celebration of Halloween, just at the same date as All Saints are worshiped – showing worship to your ancestors. The Halloween is an insult to a healthy mind!

Some people believe that holiness refers only to a martyr, whereas in reality holiness and martyrdom are two concepts.

Holiness is the life of an honorable man who has respected the values of life and has witnessed them with his life, that is, his doings. Such a man who, to his bodily death, lived exemplary is a holy soul.

Every November 01, 02, we show respect for all the holy people who lived on earth and our ancestors. To light candles or bring flowers to a grave is a symbolically beautiful gesture in which there is nothing wrong.

Our prayers are the most beautiful gift to our ancestors. The souls who have left the earth do not require food, nor water, nor any gifts, but only your sincere prayers.

 Kristijan Nokaj

 (Translated in english by Doroteja Č.)

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