¨Awake Christian strives for true knowledge and spirituality that confirm each other ... Awake Christian persistently and unbribable strives for truth ...¨


There are probably those who do not know the meaning of a real, awake Christian, either from ignorance or malevolence, and would most likely instantly attribute such an awoken Christian to a sect, or declare a non-Christian or a disbeliever. An awake Christian is a regular human who lives and hangs out with ordinary people.

An awake Christian does not condemn sinners because he knows that no man is sinless, though every man should persist in seeking holiness, that is, numinous life. (Do not condemn sinners, does not refer to criminals, because there is a big difference between sinners and criminals).

Human history is full of evil but also good. No one should be pre-judged, discredited because of his background, but only for actions.

It should never be forgotten that man is the Maker’s work.

Human harm – wrongdoing (hate, killing, plundering …) derives from evil “teaching” while true knowledge and good doctrine bring good to each individual and others (good for all), this is the best and most reliable proof (of quality) of every science.

An awake Christian is a plain man who strives for true knowledge and spirituality, not the knowledge that negates spirituality to conceal its lie, nor to the spirituality that denies the science to conceal its lie packed under the truth. An awake Christian strives for true knowledge and spirituality that confirm each other!

I consider myself a Christian primarily because of Jesus, because Truth and Life can be really found in Jesus teaching!

I have great respect for Jesus, sometimes I even find it unworthy to mention the name of Jesus and call myself his disciple, that is, his successor, but I firmly believe that the Maker makes me more worthy of his name every day!


I admit that I have respect for Buddha, because even in Buddhism there is no killing in the name of the Creator, but the aspiration of peace, love and knowledge. (Ecumenism, one must respect all that is good and in favor of humanity).

It is wrong to judge something just because it is not yours or unknown to you.

Jesus didn’t make a difference between people depending on where they are from, their tribe (people of those time and so on …) but only on their actions.

Jesus broke the lie and evil in everyone!

In regards of today’s Christians in the world and even the others, no matter the darkness in the world, I see the light in them, I see the lit up words of life, I see the brothers in the service of life, how they help their brothers get closer to the truth through knowledge and love – to the One who gives Life, who is the Source of Eternal Life!

Truth and life belong to all people who, of course, are voluntarily accepted (not forcibly).

An awake Christian even though he reasonably criticizes (his Christian church, as an institution) will never be against the church, but every criticism should be well-intentioned and intended for the benefit of the Church as an institution and as a living church that we people create - Christians in the Spirit truth! A good brother can criticize his brother, but he will never raise a hand at his brother (except in defense of course). So a good patriot would have to criticize some bad law, but he would never go against the state, because breaking down the bad law is in fact for the benefit of governments and people who together form the state.

An awake Christian, checks everything and finds everything good, takes only good, and rejects everything that is bad - contrary to truth and life.

An awake Christian, persistently strives to be a better man - a Christian in the original sense of Jesus' teaching, that is, the meaning of life!

An awake Christians, those who live in lie (who are trapped in their own lusts, greed, hatred, ignorance ...), would gladly label the various lies only because of his truthfulness (of course because the truthfulness of an awake Christian reveals them in their own misdeeds, ignorance). They would attribute numerous blasphemies, sects, just to make them falter it on the path of truth and life, but because of that we shouldn’t be awake and be what makes you a honorable man.

An awake Christian is only an honorable person who persistently and unbribable strives for truth, the truth that derives from the mysterious Eternal Source of Life!

An awake Christian who is every man who is persistently watching and striving to preserve a personal living relationship with the Maker!

Kristijan Nokaj

 (Translated in english by Doroteja Č.)

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