¨Man was made from the Maker to rule but it over himself … ¨


A man's life on Earth isn't a sprint (to be the biggest, fastest, strongest, richest ...), It's more like a marathon. You have to smartly arrange your life force - moderation in everything ...

Man was made from the Maker to rule but it over himself and certainly not over others...

Many of the leader tyrants (through the history of mankind) wanted to be the biggest of the biggest - the rulers of the rulers, but they failed. They have lost the earthly and the eternal life and were marked as a historical shame and mockery.

They failed, because at the very beginning, which is very important to be human, to stand up to themselves - their body and ignorance, to stand up to everything that leads a human away from being a human and by that he is becoming inhuman, soulless - "living dead".
Man - a Soul that masters itself - he is capable of serving his family and nation.

Jesus Christ is the best example - "waypoint" (kindness, love and knowledge) for all the people who are leaning to the meaning of their existence and life in general.

Kristijan Nokaj

 (Translated in english by Doroteja Č.)

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