“Spirit of God can not be killed…”


The truth is eternal and invincible, no matter how hard someone tries to shut it down, cover it, delete it - "kill it", truth always resurrects again, it will come to life and appear.

The truth of the mystical life is a great joy for everyone that is "hungry" for love, kindness, knowledge, justice and real freedom.

Almighty Maker is the Spirit, and the Spirit of God can not be killed.

A fraction of the same Almighty God, the Maker, has incarnated into a human form in which the nations then recognized the voice of the Truth, the voice of the true love, the voice of true enlightenment, the voice of the Almighty Maker ,that is, in the humble human form - in a body of a man born from a woman and a spirit incarnated in the spirit of the Almighty God, the Creator.

Nations had recognized the Truth but the minorities, the rulers, that manipulated their own nations, that have seen just an ordinary number in their people, could not recognize that because their souls were in the dark - blinded and trapped by their greed, hate, lies, dependence, greed for honor, no sympathy, ...

That's why the rulers refused to accept the Truth, refused to allow their people to follow that Truth and used all their power - repression to stop, shut down and destroy the Truth, but they didn't count on that, that the truth can't be beaten no matter how many tines they "kill it" it will always rise all over again and spread with an ever bigger strength and relive in its shine amongst nations (because of who she exists).

To this day the rulers are fighting against the Truth, actually they are fighting against the Almighty Maker and that is why their fight is doomed to fail in advance.

In the Spirit of God - Spirit of love, kindnesses, truth, knowledge all the keys of peace and prosperity of humanity are stored.

That is why every human that is risking his life for Life, living conditions and all the life values is truly standing on the side of the Almighty God, the Creator of eternal love of truth, and all of those that kill life in the name of better life, in the name of science, in the name of God are actually fighting against God, against their existence thus condemning themselves in advance to fail.

When the secular and spiritual rulers condemned, tortured and crucified Jesus, to silence and by public embarrassment erase the truth in front of the people, they thought they won, but in contrary, Jesus' teaching had spread across the world.

All those (the proud ones, hypocrites, ...) that are fighting (by numerous methods, schemes) to destroy Jesus' teaching (human dignity) today will fail again because the Spirit of Truth is invincible and shall raise again - come to life and master the people even stronger and shine in all it's might.

The real meaning of the original Jesus' teaching will finally be acknowledged in all humanity because it is representing ,firstly, the inviolability of dignity of life in general and truth, love, kindness and knowledge.

Lie survives and spreads only by deception and forcefully while the Truth survives only by itself and It spreads and lives among people only voluntary!

Human evil did not manage to hush the Truth and it never will because the Truth is invincible!

May the Love resurrect and win in humanity and bring true peace for everyone!

Kristijan Nokaj

 (Translated in english by Doroteja Č.)

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